Bow & Arrow Hunting | November 2000


Bowmaster: A Must-Have Tool

Ultra-portable and light, the Bowmaster is an ideal take-along bow press, yet it’s plenty durable for regular bow maintenance chores. Every bowhunter should have one.


From that day onward, I realized how important a portable bow press can be, and I rushed out and bought my own Bowmaster bow press a few days after we returned.

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Best New Gear Award 

Smart hunters know to plan for unexpected situations. The folks at Prototech Industries knocked one over the fence with this essential piece of gear for every archer and bowhunter. For this bowhunter, I will never head out to ElkCamp without my BOWMASTER.



Bowhunt America | January 2006

Reports From the Field

Field Tester: Bob Grove, Auburn, MI

"For those archers, like me, who want to have the ability to do all the work on their own bow, having the right tools is essential.
If you want to work on a bow without breaking the bank for a big and expensive bow press, the BowMaster Portable Bow Press from Prototech Industries is a very affordable option."

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Bowhunt America | Oct / Nov 2004

Reports From the Field

Field Tester: Howard Bonser, Palmer lake, CO

"I would highly recommend every serious bowhunter consider a
Bowmaster Portable Bow Press. It saved my day. It could save yours."

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Bowhunt America | Buyer's Guide 2005


The Bowmaster Bow Press from Prototech Industries can be an on-the-spot lifesaver for any bowhunter. The Bowmaster is so small and compact that it fits into the palm of your hand, yet the Bowmaster has all the capability of a full-size bow press. Work on your bow anywhere with a Bowmaster Bow Press.



OutdoorLife | September 2007

The $450 Bow Shop

A budget-minded list of all the tools you need to tune a bow.

Bow press

Without a bow press, changing something as straightforward as a cable-slide is a struggle. And if something major goes wrong during a trip, you could miss a lot of hunting. Cost isn’t even an obstacle. Prototech Industries’ Bowmaster portable bow press costs less than most sights and fits into a fanny pack.

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The Berry's "R" Outdoors | November 2005

Chris Berry
Alpine Archery Pro Staffer

I have been using the Bowmaster Bow Press for several years. I purchased one at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO with split limb attachments for my Alpine Archery Bows. When I headed for New Brunswick on a Black Bear Hunt, the Bowmaster Bow Press showed it's worth on the first hunt. Being in the middle of the wilderness and no bow press around, my string decided to twist. With my Bowmaster press in hand it was only a 2 min fix. Now I would not leave the house with out it. Whether I am going on a weekend hunt or headed back to the Great Outdoor Games.



Chuck Greiner | April 2006


Every home bow mechanic needs a bow press and there is nothing more practical than the Bowmaster portable bow press.  When you want to take your game to a higher level, you have to be able to adjust and maintain your equipment.  Relying on others just doesn't compare.  Thanks for a great product.


Chuck Greiner

Altoona,  PA


Brian McFaddin | March 2006


I truly believe that no one that bow hunts should be caught in the woods without a Bowmaster in hand...


Brian McFaddin

Nicholasville, KY


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