Bow & Arrow Hunting | November 2000




Bowmaster: A Must-Have Tool


Ultra-portable and light, the Bowmaster is an ideal take-along bow press, yet itís plenty durable for regular bow maintenance chores. Every bowhunter should have one.


Several seasons back I vividly recall a disaster that occurred on a weekend pig hunting trip with my good friend Tom. Upon arriving at our camping location, Tom and I quickly set up camp and got ready to do some target shooting. This is when my friend noticed that his bow's bowstring had been badly damaged. In short, 17 of the 18 Fast Flight strands had been snapped clean! Evidently, a loose camping chair had rubbed against the string while in travel, leaving it in shreds. I thought the hunt was over for him, but Tom, an equipment fanatic, whipped out a small pulley mechanism, complete with a long wire cable and limb braces (that he had days ago purchased) and began compressing the bow's limbs. Only a few minutes afterward, my friend popped on a brand-new backup bowstring, affixed a nockset, his old string silencers and peep, and he was back in business. I couldn't believe my eyes as Tom began plunking arrows into the IO-ring only minutes later!

From that day onward, I realized how important a portable bow press can be, and I rushed out and bought my own Bowmaster bow press a few days after we returned. This handy tool goes wherever I go, and I consider it an absolute must for any bow hunter, especially for those who travel a lot.

Although there are several different portable bow presses on the market, I'm still most impressed with this product's size, weight and reliability. It simply works, and it will continue to do so for several years. I've had my old Bowmaster press for close to 10 years now, and for several years I relied solely on it to compress bows, to change strings, adjust wheel timing and rotate string peeps. Although I use a full-size press at home now, my Bowmaster remains in my bow case at all times. The primary reason why this press is so simple to use is due to its heavy-duty jackscrew that turns easily. The jackscrew cranks via a T-handle, but a 5/8-inch hex head permits the use of a wrench or socket driver for easier cranking ability. The press is also fully adjustable to compress various axle-to-axle length bows-even today's super-short models-and special limb brackets are also available for split-limb bows. To use the press, simply affix the cable ends through the "Y" in the end of each limb (by adjusting the multiple stop cable end on one end to fit the length of the bow), make sure the cable stop is in position and turn the jackscrew clockwise until the bow is compressed.

A hand-crafted leather pouch is also available for the Bowmaster for easy storage and added protection. The Bowmaster, including the leather storage pouch, retails for less than $50.


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