Bowhunt America | Oct / Nov 2004


Reports From the Field


Field Tester: Howard Bonser, Palmer lake, CO

"While in the field recently, I forget that my release was hanging on my cable guard and drew my bow to simply check peep rotation. My release popped off the cable guard and dropped straight into the lower cam, causing the bowstring to jump out of its track.

What a mess. The bowstring was half in and half out of its track and my release was wedged in the cam.

Fortunately, I had a Bowmaster Portable Bow Press in my truck. Using the Bowmaster, I released the tension on the cables and my release came free. just a bit more tightening of the Bowmaster press, and I was able to slip the bowstring back on track.

This tool is invaluable to any bowhunter who hunts far from a conventional bow press. It weighs next to nothing, costs relatively little, is very well made and is easy to operate. Best of all, because it's portable, it's there when and where you need it.

I would highly recommend every serious bowhunter consider a Bowmaster Portable Bow Press. It saved my day. It could save yours."


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