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The cable replacement kit contains a replacement cable, new axels, replacement end caps and new leather. 


In order to replace the Bowmaster cable you will need a hammer and a pin punch or nail punch. (Figure 1) You will also need something to support the main body of the Bowmaster while leaving a space for the axels to be pushed out. A board with a hole in it works great or a vice with the jaws opened slightly (Figure 1 & 2).










With the Bowmaster label side up, push the axles out the back or bottom using a pin or nail punch. (Figure 3) Once the axels are out you can remove the red wheels and cable.









Turn the Bowmaster over with the label side down and wrap the new cable around the half round. (Figure 4)




Install one wheel at a time making sure the hole in the wheel is lined up with the hole in the many body. Insert the axels by hand with the end opposite the expansion groves going in first.

(Figure 5)


The axle will go in about two thirds of the way by hand. (Figure 6)




Then use a hammer to tap the axels in the rest of the way.  (Figure 7)



 Cable replacement kit - $10.95 plus $3.75 shipping

(For shipments within the US only)


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With Standard cable assembly 44 1/2"

With Short cable assembly 40 1/2"



If your local dealer does not carry the Bowmaster Bow Press please feel free to contact us
and we will help you find one that does.

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